• Cinco Perros Plata

    Clean natural sweet taste of the Agave plant itself. Brilliant and luminous with a great body.

  • 100% from Agave

    Appellation of Origin Tequila (AOT) bottled at the bottling plant controlled by the Authorized Tequila Producer.

  • Cinco Perros Añejo

    This fine aged tequila enhances a smooth and delicate flavor with a hint of vanilla.

  • Artisan Handcrafted

    In contrast to high-speed mass production, each individual Cinco Perros bottle is artisan handcrafted.

  • Cinco Perros Reposado

    Unbelievable nose, complex taste, a perfect balance between Plata and Añejo with a touch of wood.

  • Approved by the NOM

    Authorized Producer by the NOM - Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (Official Mexican Standards).

The agave is from the highlands and is harvested when the plant is 8 years old.
This plant has a cleaner lighter taste which holds up well to triple distillation.
The "Pinas" are steamed in a stainless steel oven, which is about 6 feet diameter and
about 20 feet long, for 24 hours.

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